Spiral Stabilisation

We have muscle chains (linked groups of muscle) that work as units to stabilise our bodies during movement.  These chains spiral around us to hold us up against gravity, increasing our intraabdominal pressure and creating a decompressive force on our spines.

Spiral Chains

The system works to balance the whole body.  When this system is compromised it leads to undue pressure through our spinal column and alters how we weight bear through our hips, knees and feet.

Vertical Chains

These operate when we rest.  However, because of our sedentary lifestyles these chains have become overactive, shortened, ineffective at rest and dominant in activity.  These muscles produce compressive forces on the spine leading to disc disease & facet joint degeneration.

Spiral Chains

Muscle groups – Activate & Strengthen

Serratus Anterior - SA
Pectoralis Major - PM
Trapezius - TR
Latissimus Dorsi - LD

Causes of joint pain

Tension in vertical chains
Weakness in the spiral chains

Vertical Chains

Muscle groups – Release & Mobilise

Rectus Abdominus - RA
Iliopsoas - IP
Erector Spinae - ES
Quadratus Lumborum - QL


Relaxation of vertical chains
Strengthening of spiral chains